new Alixopulos comics in Kramers Ergot no. 9

My comic strip "Close Enough" is featured in the newest volume of the acclaimed comics anthology Kramers Ergot.

Available from Fantagraphics



Comic: Prax and Bleps


Comic: Mysteries of East Hollywood

Currently up on the LARB site, my comic "Mysteries of East Hollywood"


Comic: Mason Rubella and the Werewolf


The Luna Negra Cocktail

Every so often I come up with cocktails. The Luna Negra is a drink I made last spring.
It's really best as a spring or summer drink but it can be enjoyed any time.
It was inspired by a song of struggle by Los Cojolites. The Luna Negra recipe is made of everyday things but is dense with mystery.

How to make the Luna Negra (revised):

stir the following in an Old Fashioned glass with big ice 
 2 oz 100% agave silver tequila 
 Juice from one quarter a lime 
 3 dashes orange bitters 
 root beer (brand w real sugar) 

the civilizing power of disaster


short comic: jacket 2014


drinks all around

I contributed art and cocktail recipes to THE COCKTAIL HOUR, a series of pocket sized cocktail manuals from Good Ink/Scout Books. It's quite a nice little product for a reasonable price: 
I illustrated the "GIN" volume:

    New Release! | The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Vodka, & Gin 

What do you get when you mix favorite spirits, great contemporary bartenders, and add a dash of lively illustrations? The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, & Vodka is a trio of single-spirit drink recipe guides from some of today's best bartenders and cocktail-savvy creatives. With a mix of fresh twists on classics and unique modern concoctions, each of these charmingly illustrated, pocket-sized volumes showcases over two dozen drink recipes. Throw in recipes for easy-to-make infused liquors and professional-grade tinctures and syrups, and you'll find that The Cocktail Hour: Rum, Gin, & Vodka is a perfect fit for novices and seasoned mixologists alike! Featuring cocktail recipes from Teardrop Lounge, Clyde Common, 12 Bottle Bar, KASK, Portobello, Metrovino, Beretta (SF), New Deal Distillery, Aviation Gin, Deco Distilling, and many more!

Illustrated by Tuesday Bassen, Anna Hurley, and Trevor Alixopulos.


Meanwhile, there are the usual sketchbook pages: 


In with the old

I dug through my old minis to scan and clean up "Do Tell," a punkish minicomic that I drew in 2003. Click image to read it:

fleurs du mai

a sketchbook page to start things off:



I am contributing a comic to the third volume of the giant Graphic Canon series from Seven Stories Press. The series features cartoonists ranging from Robert Crumb to T Edward Bak to John Porcellino interpreting major works of Western literature. The third and final volume is out in October. Here's a detail from my contribution:


I'm also doing some fun illustrations from a book of cocktail recipes, more details TBA. Here are a couple of the spots:


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Art for Art Shows

Over the past couple of months there's been a little flurry of group shows that I contributed art for. The fine folks at Giant Robot hosted a big "Year of the Dragon" show and I took part in a very fun show at San Francisco’s RGB Shop and Gallery entitled “One or Two Things I Know About Her.”

I think it’s probably pretty clear which art went to what, so I’m just going to post away:





Links aplenty:

Charles Brownstein of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund has nice writeup of the RGB show here: http://brownstein.blogspot.com/2012/02/ladies-night.html

Photos from the RGB show:




Personal internet galaxy: 

blog: http://hautejunk.blogspot.com

tumblr: http://bringfire.tumblr.com/

twitter: http://twitter.com/xotoa




when the cats come out the bats come out

A batch of spooky images for October:











sacred & profane

                  3 ways a noir: Ida Lupino, Jane Greer and Michèle Morgan

                         "Cleanliness" Acrylic, watercolor and ink on paper




kimbra & debucourt

A couple of little sketchbook paintings, one of the New Zealand pop singer Kimbra and one from Debucourt:





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